The Voice of Lawyers Engaged in the Practice of Business Law, Governmental Law, and The Defense of Civil Actions

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The South Dakota Defense Lawyers Association was established in 1994 to bring together lawyers of high character and professional qualifications who were engaged in the practice of law within the State of South Dakota and who devoted a substantial portion of their practice to the defense of civil actions.

The Articles of Incorporation for SDDLA were signed by Patricia Meyers, John Simko, and Robert C. Riter, Jr. and filed with the office of the Secretary of State on March 7, 1994.  These Articles established the existence of SDDLA and provide fundamental identifying and operating characteristics of the association.

SDDLA created a Mission that aims to educate attorneys, provide a network for advice, establish a high standard of ethics, establish rules and laws calculated to promote the ideals and purposes of the advocate system and to promote justice and efficiency in all matters pertaining to the defense of civil cases.

At the time of incorporation, the SDDLA created By-laws to define the internal structure of the organization, establish specific rules of guidance, and provide the fundamental principles to govern the operation.  Over the years the By-laws have been amended to keep up with the changing times.  A copy of the current By-laws can be found here.  In 2012, changes to the By-laws allowed for Standing Rules, which allow the Board of Directors to act on administrative matters. 

The association continues to grow and mature and currently maintains over 130 active members. SDDLA has also seen many of its members appointed to the bench over the years.
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